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Welcome on New Earth

The world where money and borders became outdated. The world where we all live as One Humanity, connected by love and Qortal. Welcome to (Playing Qortal | Portal on New Earth) new global system based on sharing and not expecting anything in return, secured by decentralized Qortal infrastructure.

By understanding how to Win the Game:


If You landed on this website, it is not a coincidence.

As a Citizen of the New Earth You are chosen to become a warrior of the conscious line of creation. To help build our community You have to show tremendous resourcefulness and during the transition period live on two levels at once. From the New Earth You are passing a helping hand to the people stuck in the old system, saving them from the abyss of greed, despair and grief of a value system disorder, having its source in the belief in the value of money. You ammunition, the Real Currency of Qortal (#QQQ) it is already waiting in readiness. Don't hesitate to use it!

Our common mission is to provide healthy, happy and exciting reality for us, and for our future generations.

Our common strategy is sharing, and not expecting anything in return, secured by the decentralized Qortal infrastructure. If You will play Your part well, our common enemy, the "Divide and Conquer" ideology will be put into the history books as another stage of human evolution.

Below You can find an instruction on how to install Qortal Blockchain, together with all necessary files, that You can install on every operating system.

The fate of this Planet rests in Your hands!


You can also read the script as PDF:

Screenshot from 2022-10-13 22-00-46.png
Screenshot from 2022-10-13 22-01-20.png
odt document.png

Download and install Qortal on Your computer :

Qortal core.png
QORTAL UI small.png
REON Mirror.png

or listen as MP3:


If You don't know how, watch the instruction...




Qortal is decentralized operating system for the entire Human Civilization. To learn more about Qortal, visit

Let's get to work Creator.
Never give up!
Good luck.

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