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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 consists of a series of 21 talks given by Alan Watts (28 min each).

It lays out decent foundations, connecting eastern wisdom and modern science.

Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life

Alan Watts speaks on the contrast between classical Chinese and historic Western attitudes in regard to man's place in nature. Do we see ourselves as nature's conquerors or collaborators?

If videos are loading longer than necessary, than try to change the Gateway in the video settings to: https://ipfs/

To watch in full screen, click on D.Tube, which will redirect you to the website of the video.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 consists of a series of 8 talks given by Bentinho Massaro

( aroun 1h 40min each )

I would encourage You to listen to this talks, as if Your life depended on it.

Global Enlightenment Retreat

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is a meditation practice thanks to Sam Harris.

It consists of 50 daily meditations, with a transition of this practice being your baseline experience of the world. Observing reality as it is. 

I would highly recommend to download the Waking Up app on your phone and listen to the same course, with lost's of additional information, lectures, talks and daily meditations.


I am very grateful if we completed all 3 chapters above. It must have been quite a journey without destination. It took us probably a few months, but now we know that it doesn't really matter. 

So now, when it is so obvious who we are, enjoying experiencing, we can experiment with different perspectives. One of those is called The Law of One.

To further explain what it is, I would delegate it to Aaron Abke. He is doing an exellent service of incepting this concept into our collective consciousness.

I don't want you to take it seriously, I want you to play with it, as a possibility.

The Law of One

For more information in a form of podcasts and workshops about

The Law of One, please follow the play of Aaron Abke

Or visit the original source



If You are ready to wake up, You will wake up, if You are not ready, You will pretend that it is just poor little me. But if You are reading this, I can assume that the idea of time has come to an end.

A total and absolute collapse.


That's it. That's You. Already always here, now and free.

Now you see that, what you do now, is what

the whole universe is doing ethereally.

What you do to others is what you do to Yourself.

There is just one primordial energy, it was attempted of being called as:




Understanding/Manifestation/Innocence/Free Will/Presence/Divinity/God/



Whichever description most resonates with You.

But it can not be described in words. It is experiential.

Always available for You now.

Restoring Oneself means, recognizing the fact of who You truly are, and therefore taking absolute responsibility for everything that is happening.

Death is just a transition from You to another You, that is living in the world that You created. You are doing it all to/for and as Yourself. Oneself.

What You do is what is happening to You.

This it karma, and it is happening now.

This understanding generates unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. Are we all always trying to do the best we can, with what we have?

Just drop it. Give up the trying an just be.

Forgive Yourself all the unnecessary suffering.

It is the way for You to know who You truly are.

It is what it is. It is all just like it is supposed to be. Let it go.

It is all your fault. If you don't have it, you don't really want it.

You are the creator.

What a pleasant surprise. Just enjoy it.

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