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The Homework

The Homework is a basic set of fundamental information that

I would like to know in advance. It provides mental preparation

for the New Age of Earth.

Three main topics cover:

1. Earth's Cycles

2. Human Nutrition

3. System's Thinking


Homework No 1. Earth's Cycles


The videos and E-Book below provide detailed description of the cyclical nature of our planet, solar system and our galaxy. The understanding of this material is very profound and can be applied to prepare mentally and physically for what's going on. These 3 sources are a great starter for those who hear it for the 1st time:

Homework No 2. Human Nutrition


As human babies we are born in a metabolic state of ketosis. Mother's breast milk, similar to the brain is composed in 70% from fat. This primal metabolic flexibility however is forgotten by our organism when we are bombarded with carbohydrates 5 times a day. We lost our ability to efficiently burn fat for fuel. Empower Yourself by restoring this inborn mechanism, the forgotten ability of Your organism:

Homework No 3. System's Thinking


The world is divided into smaller and bigger systems and humanity can't recognize the unity in the totality. This last exercise empowers You to play Your part in a new, global, decentralized system, where we all live as one big human family on the planet, where money and borders became outdated. Humanity is connected spiritually by love and secured virtually by decentralized Qortal Infrastructure. Allow me to explain how it is even possible ... by starting with a little bit of a background, exposing systemic corruption and finishing with the solution to all of the symptoms generated by the money-based system:

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