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Welcome to Lifebook Online! We’re so happy you have decided to join us. We also strongly advise that you don’t skip any of the Warm Up content and make sure to always scroll until the bottom of each page, this is vital information to set you up with everything you need to know for an amazing experience. And Lifebook will be an amazing experience. We promise you! It exists to empower you to live your best life and maximize your potential. During this interactive, multimedia experience, we’ll guide you through 12 Life Categories. By listening to the thought-provoking content and engaging in deep self-reflection, you’ll: Gain clarity on what you want in every area of life. Get connected to why you want what you want. Develop a plan for how to achieve it. You can capture all your thoughts, goals and strategies, in your Lifebook Templates, that will be provided every step of the way. Consider Lifebook Online as the "thinking phase" of achieving your ideal life vision. You cannot have "it" all unless you know what "it" is. And it's going to be different for every single person. That's why Lifebook is so powerful. Your Lifebook is authored by you and for you. The content comes "from you" as opposed to "at you" like with most personal development programs. At this stage, we are not asking you to do any major changes to your life. Just put in the time it takes to define your Ideal Life Vision. The rest will unfold easier! As we begin, your Lifebook is empty. As you go through the Lifebook journey you will fill it with your thoughts, insights, personal photos and inspiring quotes. Each Lifebook segment builds on the one before it and is foundational to ones that follow. Creating your Lifebook will yield enormous benefits. This system has worked for thousands of members, it will work for you! Trust the process, work on the piece that's in front of you and step-by-step you'll achieve a crystal clear vision that works at a high level in every area of your life. So enjoy, fully engage in this experience - we promise you’ll be so glad you did! With love,
Jon & Missy Butcher
Creators Of Lifebook

Lifebook Online is a series of 12 videos, created by Jon Butcher, each for one important category of your life. It lays out the blueprint of how to structure your life in the way that you want to see it unfold. At the end of this series you will have written an entire book about how your life will look like.

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Introduction - The Journey Begins

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This is the first video in the Lifebook series.

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