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Lifebook Online is a series of 12 videos, created by Jon Butcher, each for one important category of your life. It lays out the blueprint of how to structure your life in the way that you want to see it unfold. At the end of this series you will have written an entire book about how your life will look like.

Before You start, take a Lifebook Assessment NOW

,so we can compare your score in the future.

Introduction - The Journey Begins

If videos are loading longer than necessary, than try to change the Gateway in the video settings to: https://ipfs/

To watch in full screen, click on D.Tube, which will redirect you to the website of the video.

This is the first video in the Lifebook series.

i would highly recomend to visit Mindvalley where this course is avilable for free. One caviot is that in order to get access to this course, Mindvalley is taking 500 USD deposit and after finishing the course you can get it back.

Here are examples of how finished Lifebook looks like:

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Jon Butcher's


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