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Icelandic Grass-Fed Ghee


The best quality in the world.

Iceland's pristine and unpolluted terrains provide exquisite environment for cows to range freely on vast grasslands. Free from chemicals, GMO and factory farming.

Our home-made clarified butter is the essence of what builds and powers our beautiful bodies. It is the fuel empowering Your every day life. Fundamental tool in every kitchen.

Choose Your Ghee

Small 120g
800 ISK
Medium 200g
1200 ISK
Large 400g
2000 ISK
Choose cryptocurrecy:
Thank You for ordering Your clarified butter. We will contact You through email about delivery and payment details. The Ghee is made within 3 days, after the order and payment details are confirmed. In this way You can be certain, that You are getting it as fresh as possible.

Free delivery in Reykjavik

For orders over 3000 ISK we provide free delivery across Reykjavik.

You are also welcome to pick it up at our home near Kolaportid, Reykjavik 101.

You can pay cash, make a bank transfer or pay in cryptocurrency.

Crypto payments (LTC, ARRR or QORT) as well as purchases over 8000 ISK give You 10% discount.

Thank You!

We are honored and infinitely grateful that You considered visiting our site. We are doing the best we can with what we know and have. Thank You for supporting our little home-made enterprise. It is helping our family directly. We hope that our Ghee will serve You as well as it is serving us, our family and our friends and community. From the bottom of our hearts we wish You all the best, good luck, have fun, enjoy ...

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For more info contact us by email:

Simon & Magdalena

Check us out: @hackyourlifehere

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